School Engagement

Ministry of Justice

The challenge

MoJ wanted to reach out to young people in schools so they would consider working for the Civil Service in the future. It was our job to put MoJ on the radar, celebrating the diverse range of people who work there and challenging stereotypes about what the Civil Service is like.

Our solution

We focused on 6 employees in different areas of MoJ, all with a different story to tell. We spent a day filming with each character to create individual videos and a combined one. A fun and bright illustrative style was also developed to appeal to the audience and draw attention to the many skills that can be utilised working for MoJ.

The look and feel for the campaign was extremely well received.
The personal nature of the messaging has really helped to speak out to young people.

Drew Morris, Head of Capability and Learning

Ongoing success

The campaign has been very well received by our target audience, school teaching and career staff with our work:

  • used in more than 220 schools throughout England
  • reaching more than 18,000 pupils
  • planned to be shown in more events in the future
  • getting over 500 MoJ staff volunteering to support the campaign

Project at a glance

Put MoJ on the radar as a brilliant and diverse place to work
School children starting to think about careers
Winter 2016
Video content, posters, banners, social media

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