5p bag charge

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

The challenge

In 2014, Defra introduced a 5p bag charge for large retailers to help reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Our brief was to raise awareness so shoppers would be prepared and accept the change in advance.

Our solution

Simplicity was key since the campaign had to be understood by all. Our design used an image of a carrier bag to act as a reminder and as a holding device for messaging. The green colour used to emphasise key works reinforced the campaign’s environmental aims and the typeface was specially selected for readability with rounded characters which felt friendly, positive and approachable.

5p Bag image in shop
Hand holding a smartphone which is displaying the 5p carrier bag poster

Lasting impact

Our campaign assets were displayed:

  • in a range of outdoor locations, including bus stops and poster sites near shopping centres
  • in shops across the country, including John Lewis and ASDA
  • across a range of media, including badges, posters and on social media

Project summary

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Raise awareness and inform about the 5p bag charge
Target audience
Adult shoppers throughout the UK
Autumn 2015
Campaign logo, posters, banners, infographics, social media assets

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