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Home Office

Banner showing a colourful StayWise card game. The cards show fire risks: an iron, lighter, radiator, hairdryer and open fire.

The challenge

StayWise is a campaign bringing together educational resources about the emergency services. The materials are used by educators and other professionals who work with children and young people. The Home Office asked us to rebrand the fire safety materials to make them more intuitive and effective. The brand had to convey the seriousness of the topic, while being entertaining enough to help children absorb the information.

Our solution

We took a character-based approach to make storytelling a key part of the brand. The characters’ facial expressions and body language helps convey the information to children. In the activity book, friendly firefighters introduce children to educational games like ‘ladders and hoses’ and a wordsearch. We used bold colours and clear visuals throughout to help children understand how everyday objects and scenarios can become hazardous.

Illustration showing two children talking to an elderly woman who is sat in an armchair.
Illustration showing two children talking to each other in a playroom. Matches have been left on the table and one of them is emitting smoke.
An illustration showing a couple, their baby and two children looking concerned as they escape down a corridor.
An illustration showing firefighters talking to a family outdoors. A fire engine is visible in the background.

Project summary

Home Office
Create a campaign to engage children and explain fire safety
Schoolchildren and young people
Storybooks, lesson plans, worksheets, wordsearches and mazes

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