Voter ID pilot

Cabinet Office

Voter ID billboard

The challenge

Cabinet Office asked us to create branding to pilot an awareness campaign encouraging eligible voters to bring ID to the polling station. The independent report ‘Securing the ballot: review into electoral fraud’ had recommended that electors should produce personal identification before voting at a polling station.

Our solution

Our campaign made the point clear: you now need to bring ID to vote. Following extensive audience testing, we used friendly illustrations to create a positive and accessible look with the required ID document at the forefront. Simple, memorable instructions assert the actions local people needed to take to vote.

Voter ID postcard
Voter ID newspaper ad
Voter ID bus advert

The campaign was a huge success and even increased the vote in some areas.

Nancy Benson, Head of Campaigns, Cabinet Office

Project summary

Cabinet Office
Encourage eligible voters to bring ID to the polling station in local elections
Eligible voters in Woking, Watford, Gosport, Bromley and Swindon
Spring 2018
Campaign branding, banners, social media assets, outdoor posters

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